Tomato... Fruit Or Vegetable?

The Tomato
by D Roche (Nick)

So succulent, so radient
How beautiful you are
You're blushed with red
From nature's touch
With honored high regard
Since chefs held court
One question's led
Are you a fruit or veg?
If you ask me
It matters not
I love your slice or wedge
When dressed as fruit
With sprinkled sweet
Balsamic is your drink
And when in drag
With green romaine
The veg in you is treat
So thanks tomato
Or tomahto
You are my favorite one
That has allowed me
To partake
Through you this taste of sun

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  1. are a poet too! Nice.

  2. Ditto the above comment! You write very well.

  3. Gorgeous Nick!
    the FOOD-PHOTOS; the sentiments;
    the FOOD-SPIRIT; the inspiring, helpful info; the FOOD-BEAUTY; the poem, "The Tomato," last thing I've looked at--

    And, I think I'm not one who gushes...
    But, your blog is so wonderful...just "wow" all over the place.

    Loving FOOD , cooking, and your blog and hoping I'll know how to get back to it.

    Thanks to you and to Neil!