World News

I recently came across this website and found that I couldn't let go of it. Wonderful articles, video feeds, and latest culinary news draw you in and doesn't let you go. Get news of your favorite Chefs, updates on television culinary programs, and what's hot in food. Check it out and see for yourself. If you're a food lover and want to stay on top of things, this is a good site to start., Inc.

Culinary News Wire

This is just an all around wonderful site for food lovers and chefs of all ranks. Offering a good news source, latest info on well known Chefs, what's new in food and cooking, and ideas to expand your culinary expertise.


What's NOT to love of this site! One of my all time favorite culinary sites. Very informative, easy to navigate, endless "how to" articles, and now with an iPad application, Epicurious is a must for all who follow this blogsite. The deeper you go into this site, the deeper you want to go. You can lose yourself in all the wonderful posts and articles, but what a nice place to get lost in!

Huffington Post Food Site

I just recently ran across the Huffington Post web site and hadn't realized they had a food section. I love the Huffington Post and wanted to inform you of their food section. Very good information is provided along with food trends, restaurant spotlights, etc. Check it out and see what you think.

Natural News

This site features health related articles. Features include a wide variety of topics about health and natural living, along with food news. Although the emphasis isn't mainly about food, I found it interesting enough to post. I think good health, natural living, and food go hand in hand. Check it out.


This is a cool site all about food and the food industry. Lots of interesting information available on this site that will have you browsing for hours! I know, I was on it for 2 hours the other day. You owe it to yourself to check it out. There are so many topics from food companies, buyer's guides, to food research.

The Daily Green

For those concerned and interested in green technology and green industry in the food industry, this is the site for you. Interesting articles abound. From food alerts, recalls, green recipes, to what companies are doing, this site has it all. Interesting reading.

The Food Navigator

Great food site! News on food production, innovation, research, alerts, and breaking news on food development from around the world are all in here. This is a fun site for those that want to stay on top of the latest developments on food and the food companies.
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