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Welcome to Le Restaurant where you will be entertained with menu planning ideas from the archives of nonchefnick.blogspot.com. Each week, lunch and dinner suggestions will be presented to assist in planning your family or dinner party meals. This week, Le Restaurant proposes...

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Dinner Menu

First Course

Served chilled, this appetizer or first course is a wonderful beginning to  your dinner

Second Course

Lamb Shank Bourguignon 

Lamb Shank Bourguignon is an excellent savory dish sure to please the most discriminating Lamb lovers. Slow braised with button mushrooms, a side of mashed potatoes or pureed parsnips will make for a very nice complimentary side.

Third Course

Dark Chocolate Decadence 

 It doesn't get much better than this, if you are a chocolate lover! Deep and rich, this Chocolate Brownie cheesecake has all the textures you love in two of your favorite desserts, brownies and cheesecake, and yet, it is so unique that you've got to try it!

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