L'OREO - So embarrassingly easy, no wonder the taste is so incredible!

I pondered for some time regarding posting this dessert as I am not accustomed to "assembling" as opposed to "creating" dishes; however, once a bite reached my mouth, it was all over. I had arrived at the gallows of creativity, pride thrown out the window, and my prêt-à-porter dessert L'OREO was off to the blogosphere without a thought of turning back, it was delicious!

Now, if you love Smores and Oreo cookies, you will agree with me this is the dessert for you, save the marshmallows, of course. Hiding my face, I stand shameless, as I list the ingredients you will need:

So tiny, so pretty, so yummy, so WOW!

As the saying goes, some of the simplest things in life are often the best, the potato being a perfect example. It has no complex flavors nor does it need any special handling or preparation; however, when you add a little of this or a little of that, it's amazing how incredible the dishes that this simple vegetable can produce. A case in point is this recipe for the babiest of the Yukon yellow potato.

Baby Yukon potatoes can be found in most supermarkets nowadays. These are usually found in one pound packages and are no more than an inch in diameter. A one pound package will serve as 4 side dishes comfortably. These were found at the Albertson's supermarket and can usually be found on sale for about three dollars, pretty reasonable for such an elegant side dish.