L'OREO - So embarrassingly easy, no wonder the taste is so incredible!

I pondered for some time regarding posting this dessert as I am not accustomed to "assembling" as opposed to "creating" dishes; however, once a bite reached my mouth, it was all over. I had arrived at the gallows of creativity, pride thrown out the window, and my prêt-à-porter dessert L'OREO was off to the blogosphere without a thought of turning back, it was delicious!

Now, if you love Smores and Oreo cookies, you will agree with me this is the dessert for you, save the marshmallows, of course. Hiding my face, I stand shameless, as I list the ingredients you will need:

1 box of Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Fudge brownie mix
Raspberry preserves (don't skimp on quality)
Cool Whip (well child) or vanilla ice cream
Thick chocolate syrup (which comes in the box with the brownie mix)

There you have it, that's all you need. Now, follow the directions on the box for preparing the brownie mix, which calls for oil, water, and an egg. Follow the baking directions; however, make sure that you bake it for 5 minutes LESS than directions say. You want this slightly under baked for this dessert. It will continue to bake a bit more once removed from the oven to cool. Once baked, remove the brownies from the oven and allow to cool to room temperature, about 45 minutes or so.

Once cooled, use a round 2 or 3 inch cookie cutter and make nice little round disks. Make enough for 2 disks per serving. If you used a slightly larger pan than suggested, say 9 x 11, you'll get enough for 4 servings. Set a disk onto a plate, then add a small teaspoon of the raspberry preserves, then a scoop of Cool Whip or ice cream. Now place another disk on top of the Cool Whip and press down gently so that cream will spread evenly between both brownie disks. Finally, drizzle some of the chocolate syrup over the top and finish off with a dab of Cool Whip.

You were warned as to how easy this is to make. Just don't tell your guests. It looks so good on the plate and tastes amazing that they'll think you made it from scratch - unless of course your dinner guests are all FoodBuzzers!


  1. This definitely has got a great flavor combination although I was looking around for marshmellow cream. You did mention s'mores right?! Not every thing has to be a labor of love to be good!

  2. This actually sounds and looks amazing to me... Love the combo, I would also add some Chambord over the top yum yum!

  3. Claudia, that sounds good! I'll have to do that the next time.

  4. Looks wonderful! Makes me want to come thru the screen and eat some. As Paula said... makes ya want to slap your mama. :-)

  5. I love desserts (or any dish, truthfully) that's so easy to make, yet impresses guests. This looks simple yet fantastic-- much like your new site! Great work!

  6. Mmmmm...the chocoholic in me will love this!!! Can't wait to try it...
    Luv, M

  7. Your site looks great Nick! Very neat and easy to read, and your photos really pop! This recipe isn't bad either, sounds sinful and amazingly delicious!

  8. This looks so good! I love how simple it is. I will definitely have to give it a try.

  9. Irresistable! Great looking dessert!