Mold In Your Kitchen?? Sacre Bleu !!!!

I believe every kitchen should have some molds - NO, not that kind. I'm talking about the ones pictured to the right. Not everybody has $15 or $20 to throw around however (these were given to me).

There is a simple and inexpensive way of having some molds, in fact it's free. Use your empty cans that you normally discard! Just use a can opener and open both sides of your can and voila, you have a mold. I suggest using those can openers that leave a smooth edge on the can. Wash your can (you know what I'm talking about) thoroughly and the next time you need a mold you'll have one. Since canned foods come in different width sizes, do several of them. Tuna fish cans work wonderful; however, make sure that it's the kind of can that you'll be able to open on both sides. You can also use various shapes for variety, i.e. sardine cans that are oblong make wonderful molds for spreads like salmon mouse. Even cream cheese can be molded into that shape for a very nice center piece. As an added touch of class, take some lox and wrap it around the sides of your molded cream cheese. The kitchen is so friendly, you just have to get to know it, it offers you so much. Bon appetite! (photo by Dominique Roche)

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  1. simple. I would have never thought of that! Thanks Dominique for your unique insight in making my meals look more palatable!!