This week, someone was able to utilize my gmail email address and proceeded to send spam to hundreds of email addresses around the world. You may have received one or more such spam emails with my address as the sender. For this I am truly sorry, as I was totally unaware of it happening.  Consequently, Google had gotten a red flag on this and temporarily suspended my email address, thus shutting down my blog at www.

I went through the process of verifying my email address, created a new password, and everything has gotten up and running again. Thank God that my other addresses were not compromise, nor my financial accounts. I don't know how it happened; however, the easiest way for something like this to occur is to open an email from someone that you don't know or don't know the sender, that you did not solicit, or requested information from. This happens more often than you think. Since I have had a computer, this is the second time it has happened. We receive so much email now days and it's very possible to accidentally open one that you had no intention of opening. It's easy for this to happen and I can only conclude that I did just that.

Please avoid happening to you what has happened to me!! Follow simple rules:

1. Delete any mail you're not familiar with or don't know the sender - DO NOT OPEN!! Perhaps take the extra time when replying to known email senders, by "copy and pasting" the senders address on a new email as opposed to clicking "reply".

2. Report any suspicious email or repetitive emails as spam

3. Watch for email that has numerous "Forwarded" addresses

4. Change your password once a month - make them distinct different passwords, don't just change one letter.

5. Increase your security level on the internet

6. Don't utilize any programs that "save" your sign on info for your ease. Doing so means anyone can sign on to your security enabled sites.

7. Make sure you have a GREAT security/anti virus program installed on your computer. The built in MS Windows security is worthless, so don't count on that. I don't want to knock Norton; however, Comcast recently switched to Norton for their free security program to subscribers. The last time I had this problem, I was using Norton. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, so I'm not going to put the blame on anyone but myself. I have STOP SIGN security program on my desk top  and have had no security problems at all. This perticular breach is on my lap top.

8. Delete your cookies , temporary files, internet history, saved passwords, saved filled out internet forms on a weekly basis.

9. Make sure your security anti virus program is set to automatically update your computer on security issues and program updates.

10. DO NOT LET OTHERS USE YOUR COMPUTER!! Letting others use your computer to check their email messages is like sharing tooth brushes! I don't need to elaborate with any other well known metaphors. It may seem rude to say "NO" to someone you know, so just say "no". If they're good friends, they'll understand. You have no idea where they've surfed.

11. When doing searches on the web, be VERY careful. Click only on sites you're familiar with. Don't click on the side ads at the right of your monitor. Don't click on ads of companies you're not familiar with.

I know there are a number of other things that you can do; however, these are probably some of the more important ones. If you have others, feel free to list them in your comments. Please do not email me with them as if I don't know you or not familiar with you, I probably won't answer.

I hope this will help you avoid what I've gone through. I know that some of you have recently experience security issues that were even more severe than what I experience. Every breach of security however, is severe and should not be tolerated. Thank you....



  1. I am sorry this happened to you. That sucks. Glad that you got it back online.

  2. So sorry you had to deal with this stuff. I am glad you are back on line as well!

  3. Thanks for alerting us and providing precautionary measures - sorry, that you had to go through this, what a hassle! #feelyourpain Keep on cookin!

  4. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the information. I've had this happen to me a few months ago with AOL. What a nightmare! I'm glad you posted for everyone to be aware.


  5. Great advice - yeah, someone got into our contact list on MSN and sent out mail to all of our friends - we were surprise when they thought we were soliciting them to buy Viagra, etc, from a pharmaceutical company in Canada - it was funny until our preacher responded …

  6. What a bummer.
    thanks for the advice.
    Hope everything's getting back to normal for you.

  7. Excellent tips, Nick, and glad you're back online!

  8. Wow, how horrible! Sorry to hear about it but at least you were able to get your email & blog back. Thanks for warning us all.

  9. Wow! Thanks for the warning. i got a really weird email via foodbuzz today but just deleted it. So glad everything is back running well again.

  10. Great tips--thanks for the reminders. It's too easy to get a little careless.