Alexander Valley sneaks out a winner with Laurier's 2007 Merlot

Could it be possible for back to back winners with the Laurier 2007 Merlot from Alexander Valley? After all, the 2006 Merlot was a big winner garnering the Gold Medal and Chairman's Award at the Riverside International Wine Competition in 2008 and Gold at the Taster's Guild International Wine Judging that same year. Perhaps too soon to tell, indications are this Merlot is following the same blood line as its older sibling. Laurier Vineyard is not new to producing winning vintages. The Merlots, Cabs, and Chardonnays have been previous winners of Silver Medals in 2003 and 2004.

Is it a Merlot or Cabernet?

With its deep ruby color, tannins that complete a nice lasting finish to the palate, and  hints of herbs, plums, vanilla, and raspberry, this Merlot is certainly not lacking complexity and could be mistaken for a Cabernet. The nice aroma of cherries is definitely not forgotten either. With that said, it is certainly permissible to consume it now; however, given a couple more years, this Merlot may approach its full potential. This wine will stand proud alongside its comparable Cabernet cousins and with a price range of $14 to $16, one should consider it as a nice addition to their wine collection.

Food pairing brings out full flavor

The Laurier 2007 Merlot has no problem standing on its own; however, when paired with food, it truly partners well. Suggestions may include Prime Rib of Beef, Boeuf Bourguignon, smoked ham, and Coq au Vin. It will also stand up well to a rich sauce such as Bolognese. The best has been saved for last however, with its pairing of dark chocolate truffles. If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy a good wine, this is certainly a match made in heaven.


  1. Thanks for the great review! It's always nice to find some reasonably-priced, tasty wines to enjoy over the holidays.

  2. I love the Alexander Valley, it's a very short drive from my house.

  3. I am going to buy this for my sister. She LOVES merlot.